Hormone Balance Training

The last six months have been super exciting. I have been studying to become a Hormone Enhancement Coach and am finally rolling out my new HORMONE BALANCE TRAINING Program – Hooray!!!!

This program has changed my life and it is now my mission to help the 80% of women suffering from symptoms of hormonal imbalance, peri and post menopause.

The more common symptoms you may be aware of are:

  • Stubborn belly fat
  • Tiredness
  • Itchiness
  • Mood Swings
  • Hot Flushes
  • Incontinence and
  • Fatigue

Our new HBT program guides you through the process and has proven to reduce the above symptoms and actually enable women to shift the stubborn fat and increase their energy levels. I AM BEYOND EXCITED – EXSTATIC to be honest.

So much so, at the end of 2018, we had a fairly stressful family time and my cortisol levels were through the roof. My periods became heavier, I was way moodier and emotional, my skin broke out like wildfire, my hair fell out and I actually found a random hair growing out of my NECK!! OMG!! What was this?

Well, turned out that from all of the stress I was under, my hormones were way out of whack and I was headed for a recipe of disaster. This program truly got me back on the straight and narrow and I now can’t tell you when I’m going to get my period and my training results have changed in the way I was working for 🙂 yay.

If you’re keen to be a part of the HBT program or chasing more info, please contact me on energisewithamy@live.com.au or 0421500855. This program can be done from anywhere.

HBT Logo Short

Parkes & Forbes 2018

Wowsers, I realised today just how flat out we’ve been since moving back home to Parkes & Forbes.

We have hit the ground running and are absolutely loving being back in the Central West. Local sports. Local shopping. Catching up with friends, Reacqainting with our fantastic location and most importantly……..spending quality time with our families.

I’ll admit, winter was a big shock to the system, brrr. One particular morning springs to mind with a -6degrees (feels like -9.6) and absolutely felt every part of it. We are now entering the warmer months and have had a little bit of rain, little bit of dust, lots of sweat, moving bodies and most of all smiles and excitement.

Our classes are super fun and energetic with a focus of health and fitness for all levels and ages. We’re currently running some teen fitness and boxing groups, plus adult classes. The favs are definitely Suspension Training and our Metafit/Metapwr workouts.

I have almost completed my Core Vinyasa Yoga certification and am very grateful to my yoga participants each week xx you are all beautiful and Lake Forbes really sets the scene.

2019 brings the introduction of Relaxation and Lomi Lomi massage to our Energise With Amy services. I’m so excited to be expanding the business into additional services for you all.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well (this is where I invest most of my social media time) and keep your eye on the website.

Feelin’ energised and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe holiday season,

xx Ames



2018 is a big year

We have hit the ground running in 2018 and having an amazing time getting people off the couch and achieving their health and fitness goals.

Big news – We are EXPANDING!!! In April, our Barossa Valley crew will be taken over by a fabulous trainer with an array of super qualifications – pics and details to be released soon. Watch this space!!

And Amy….. is relocating to Forbes, NSW. There will be two branches of Energise With Amy which is super exciting for everyone. We will keep bringing you amazing classes, great communication and motivate your socks off!!! Hooray.

Another exciting development is our new class addition of Suspension Training. This class is super fun and the ultimate challenge of body weight and core activation.

We look forward to continuing to keep the ground running and value our committed crew and thank you all for your continued support. We never feel like we’re going to work when it’s absolutely the best feeling to be helping people achieve their goals.

xx Ames

Spring Energy 2017

Wow how time flies. We are now in full swing of Term 4 at school and coming into the festive time of the year.

We have rolled out Kids Yoga classes this season and they are going wonderfully. Our little yogis have been learning to ground their body, mind and focus on their breathing. Such a wonderful tool we can all utilise every day. Check out our timetable for these sessions – bookings required, caters for Junior ages (3-8yrs) and Upper ages (8-14yrs).

I always love spring and the beautiful smells of orange blossoms. I definitely feel for those hayfever sufferers at this time of year. Such an exhausting time for them.


A big topic for me at the moment is Crossed Syndrome (Jander). This is where opposing muscles (in a crossed pattern through the body) contradict one another and one of the muscles will dominant it’s co-worker. For me, I have been suffering from both upper and lower crossed syndrome from sitting excessively. This has increased through studying for uni exams, doing paperwork in the office and a poor chair height at my desk.

Lower Body Crossed Syndrome: My hip flexors and lower back have tightened up whilst my lower abdominals and glutes have switched off. The balance is definitely not right and I’ve noticed poor pelvic flexibility and glute strength whilst doing squats, jumping actions and evening rolling over in bed has had its challenges. I’ve been working on releasing these tight muscle groups and wakening up the sleepy muscles. Slowly but surely we are improving in this area.

Upper Body Crossed Syndrome: Sitting at a desk or in a vehicle for prolonged periods, can be terrible for our posture and ergonomic design for workstations is so important. Our shoulders hunch forward (tightening our chest muscles), and our neck tends to stretch out to the front which tightens up the back of your neck. The unfortunate sufferers in this position are our upper back (rhomboids) and our neck flexors (so you can tuck your chin towards your chest). If you suffer with upper back and neck discomfort, a great place to start is looking at your work station. I release my chest and neck muscles using trigger point therapy and massage. Then its about waking up the back muscles and strengthening the neck to provide better postural support and discourage the chest from becoming too tight and dominant.

How is your workstation?



Christmas 2016 – the year in review

Hi guys and girls,
2016 has been an amazing year for Energise With Amy.
Here’s a list of the things we’ve been up to:
* We have introduced sporting sponsorship ‘Go Barossa United Women’s Soccer Team’
* Our Kids Fruit Camp has been fabulous with many kids getting to experience the fun of exercise, learning to relax without technology and the great feeling of refuelling with natural sugars
* Lower body Punchfit boxing skills added into our classes (knees and kicks)
* The introduction to Tai Chi for Strength and Balance
* Strong Feet Certification, learning and encouraging the use of our best natural shoes ever….Our Feet!! 🙂
* Becoming a Running Lab Practitioner in analysing running styles, gait, and training our lower limbs to be amazing machines
* Enhancing our Yoga practice
* Introducing the EWA Christmas Health and Fitness Advent Calendar (what a hoot 😉 )

All while having an amazing time assisting people to achieve their health and fitness goals.
We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy, healthy holiday season. Amy, Dave, Charli, Dean, Jack & Eddie xx


Fruit Camp and Spring – Hooray

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic and the level of technology use is exceedingly high, with youngsters and adolescents exercising their thumbs more than their bodies.
Even us adults are also guilty of this, eek.
Sooooo Energise With Amy has decided to commence ‘Fruit Camp’.
It’s a bit like Bootcamp for kids but with fruit and games. Yay!!!
This is a wonderful addition to the timetable starting on Saturday mornings at 9.45am from
10th September 2016.
The kids will participate in obstacle courses, boxing, bodyweight activities and then be able to have a healthy fruit snack at the end, all provided by us.

Sponsorship – Barossa United Women’s Soccer Team

I’m very proud to announce Energise With Amy is sponsoring the local Barossa United Women’s Soccer Team for the 2016 season. The ladies have been training hard and had a great game today in the fabulous wet and muddy conditions. Well done girls. Proud to be on board as your fitness trainer.

Proud sponsor

Warm up 24th July 2016
Pre-game chat

Opposition kick
Goalie takes the kick




Winter Warriors!!!

Winter is here. Let’s keep the energy going one workout at a time.
For each month of winter, Energise With Amy, is running a promotion with a different raffle draw each month.

How it Works:
Each class or session you attend for the month, gives you a free ticket into the draw.
Additional tickets can be purchased for $1.00 each or 3 for $2.00.
1st Prize = 3 x 1hr Personal Training Sessions (value $120)
2nd Prize = 1 x month of Unlimited Group Sessions (value $80)
3rd Prize = $50 of EWA Services split over PT and/or group sessions,
whichever works best for you.

Prizes will be drawn on the 30th June 2016 at 5.30pm.

A second draw will commence on 1st July with a new round of prizes and a third draw will run for August.

Get your tickets in now. Summer bodies are built in Winter 🙂

Some great prizes and great workouts to get you there 🙂