Mighty May 2016

Over half way throughout the month and so many amazing things have been happening.
A few records have been set in these past 20days.

* EWA had a whopping 57 attendants at our group classes during 1 week out of the last 3!!
* 4 Personal Training Clients joined the 100kg club and were able to lift beyond their dreams. Well done crew.
* We have set up a group for the South Australian Stadium Stomp. If you’re keen to join in, let us know. Also if you would like a shirt.
* One client lost 29cm overall over the last 6weeks.
* Winter is upon us though 6am classes are buzzing which is a great sign. Summer bodies are built in winter and what better time of day to train, than when your mind least expects it.

Some very exciting things to come people. Almost at our anniversary date for being in full time business for 12months.
Celebrations and prizes to be won – watch this space.