Parkes & Forbes 2018

Wowsers, I realised today just how flat out we’ve been since moving back home to Parkes & Forbes.

We have hit the ground running and are absolutely loving being back in the Central West. Local sports. Local shopping. Catching up with friends, Reacqainting with our fantastic location and most importantly……..spending quality time with our families.

I’ll admit, winter was a big shock to the system, brrr. One particular morning springs to mind with a -6degrees (feels like -9.6) and absolutely felt every part of it. We are now entering the warmer months and have had a little bit of rain, little bit of dust, lots of sweat, moving bodies and most of all smiles and excitement.

Our classes are super fun and energetic with a focus of health and fitness for all levels and ages. We’re currently running some teen fitness and boxing groups, plus adult classes. The favs are definitely Suspension Training and our Metafit/Metapwr workouts.

I have almost completed my Core Vinyasa Yoga certification and am very grateful to my yoga participants each week xx you are all beautiful and Lake Forbes really sets the scene.

2019 brings the introduction of Relaxation and Lomi Lomi massage to our Energise With Amy services. I’m so excited to be expanding the business into additional services for you all.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well (this is where I invest most of my social media time) and keep your eye on the website.

Feelin’ energised and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe holiday season,

xx Ames