Spring Energy 2017

Wow how time flies. We are now in full swing of Term 4 at school and coming into the festive time of the year.

We have rolled out Kids Yoga classes this season and they are going wonderfully. Our little yogis have been learning to ground their body, mind and focus on their breathing. Such a wonderful tool we can all utilise every day. Check out our timetable for these sessions – bookings required, caters for Junior ages (3-8yrs) and Upper ages (8-14yrs).

I always love spring and the beautiful smells of orange blossoms. I definitely feel for those hayfever sufferers at this time of year. Such an exhausting time for them.


A big topic for me at the moment is Crossed Syndrome (Jander). This is where opposing muscles (in a crossed pattern through the body) contradict one another and one of the muscles will dominant it’s co-worker. For me, I have been suffering from both upper and lower crossed syndrome from sitting excessively. This has increased through studying for uni exams, doing paperwork in the office and a poor chair height at my desk.

Lower Body Crossed Syndrome: My hip flexors and lower back have tightened up whilst my lower abdominals and glutes have switched off. The balance is definitely not right and I’ve noticed poor pelvic flexibility and glute strength whilst doing squats, jumping actions and evening rolling over in bed has had its challenges. I’ve been working on releasing these tight muscle groups and wakening up the sleepy muscles. Slowly but surely we are improving in this area.

Upper Body Crossed Syndrome: Sitting at a desk or in a vehicle for prolonged periods, can be terrible for our posture and ergonomic design for workstations is so important. Our shoulders hunch forward (tightening our chest muscles), and our neck tends to stretch out to the front which tightens up the back of your neck. The unfortunate sufferers in this position are our upper back (rhomboids) and our neck flexors (so you can tuck your chin towards your chest). If you suffer with upper back and neck discomfort, a great place to start is looking at your work station. I release my chest and neck muscles using trigger point therapy and massage. Then its about waking up the back muscles and strengthening the neck to provide better postural support and discourage the chest from becoming too tight and dominant.

How is your workstation?