Loyalty Rewards Program

Energise With Amy runs a Loyalty Reward Program for both personal training and group fitness clients.

Personal Training Clients:
1. For every 10 x PT Sessions you attend, you will receive $10 off further sessions. This is cumulative across the calendar year to a maximum value of your full block of sessions. Therefore 20 x sessions gives you $20 off further sessions, 30 x sessions = $30 and so forth.
2. If you have a $100 block, this discount can reach a maximum of $100 and then begins again from $10 for the next lot of 10 x sessions.

Group Fitness Clients:
1. For every class you attend, you receive a point.
10 points = $5 reward toward further groups
20 points = $10 reward toward further groups
Above 20 points remains at a $10 reward.
2. These are based on individual months and do not carry over into the next month.
3. 6am Classes are worth 2 x points. All others are worth 1 point.

Additional benefits of the EWA Loyalty Reward System are:
1. Birthday vouchers $5 credited to your account
2. Regular raffles and prizes for attending sessions and classes
3. Group Facebook access
4. Promotional offers from time to time