Group Training Timetable

Current timetable May 2019

Class Schedule is:
6.00am Enduro Strength – Forbes (45mins)
6.00pm Enduro Strength – Parkes (60mins)

6.00am Boxing – Parkes (45mins)
10am The Rebels – Parkes (60mins)

6.00am Metapwr – Forbes (30mins)
6.30am Core Vinyasa Yoga Forbes (30mins)
9.30am Suspension Training – Parkes (45mins)
5.45pm Core Vinyasa Yoga Parkes (45mins)

6.00am Enduro Strength – Parkes (45mins)
10am The Rebels – Parkes (60mins)
5.45pm Functional Strength & Mobility – Parkes (45mins)

6am Functional Strength & Mobility – Forbes (60mins)
9.30am Core Vinyasa Yoga – Parkes (45mins)

7am Suspension Training – Parkes (45mins)

Enduro Strength Workout (Resistance Workout)
45-60min Endurance Strength class using barbells, weight plates, swissballs and the best tunes. Added muscle recruitment and challenges. A full body workout. 
Ruffnuts Building, Camp Street, FORBES, 370 Clarinda Street, PARKES
Mondays 6am Forbes, Mondays 6pm and Thursdays 6am Parkes

Metapwr (Metabolic Resistance Workout)
30min Metabolic resistance circuit style class using a combination of body weight and power exercises. Great for those looking for a tough workout. This one gets the heart rate up, bring a sweat and gets amazing results. HIIT training with equipment.
Venue: Ruffnuts Building, Camp Street, FORBES
Days/Times: Wednesdays 6.00am FORBES

45min Punchfit Boxing Class. Suitable for all fitness levels. Combinations using jabs/crosses/hooks/uppers/knees and kicks. A good heart raiser with focus on technique.
Venue: 370 Clarinda Street, PARKES
Days/Times: Tuesdays 6.00am

The Rebels
60min full body exercise class for ladies over 50yrs. This specialised group focusing on proprioception, balance, strength, community and a whole lot of fun.
370 Clarinda Street, PARKES
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am Parkes

Suspension Training
45-60min class utilising bodyweight and suspension trainers to invigorate and recruit the entire body. An addition 184% core recruitment. Suitable to all ages and levels of fitness. The greatest tricep and hamstring recruitment I’ve ever experienced and fabulous for troublesome backs and knees.
Venue: 370 Clarinda Street, PARKES
Days/Times: Wednesdays 9.30am, Saturdays 7am PARKES

Energiser Circuit Box

60minute Tabata mixed resistance and cardio fitness class. HIIT boxing for a strong cardio finisher. A full body workout.
Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Days/Times: Not currently on timetable

Core Vinyasa Yoga
45minute Vinyasa Yoga based relaxation class with components of strength, relaxation and toning. Suitable for all fitness levels.
Venue: Ruffnuts Building, Camp Street, FORBES, 370 Clarinda Street, PARKES
Days/Times: Wednesdays 6.30am FORBES, Wednesdays 5.45pm & Fridays 9.30am PARKES

Kids Yoga (Returning soon) 30-45min Yoga class introducing a variety of Asanas to our young yogis through games, increasing breath awareness, teaching mindfulness and self-empowerment. A fabulous class to increase focus and concentration whilst reducing behavioural challenges.
Venue: TBA
Days/Times: TBA

Kids ‘Fruit Camp’ (Returning in 2019)
30-45minute fitness group for kiddies aged between 4-14years. Activities include obstacle courses, bodyweight exercises, games, Kids Yoga, mindfulness and all participants receive a piece of fruit at the end to re-fuel with healthy options.
Venue: TBA
Days/Times: TBA
Cost: Set Program

* Private Groups can be requested.
Available sessions are listed as above with additional options being:
– Family yoga
– Teen yoga
– Kids Personal Training
– Rehabilitation sessions
– Wedding yoga
– Antenatal and postnatal sessions