Kids Yoga

Kids YogaThe connection of mind, body and breath is invaluable for ourselves as well as our kids.
Kids Yoga helps to build strength, co-ordination, balance, proprioception and self awareness. We teach Asanas to kids in an easy to understand and learn manner, with the incorporation of mindfulness and relaxation to help reduce behavioural problems, improve concentration and self regulation/awareness.

I’m Qualified through Yoga Kids SA, and as a mother of 4, I value teaching kids at their individual developmental level and accommodating special needs as required. We use a variety of tools to aid children with sensory processing, autism, balance and proprioception concerns, anxiety and self confidcnce issues. We work closely with parents, occupational therapists and physios to obtain the best outcomes for our children.

Classes are available during the school term with special classes available in school holiday periods:
*Tuesdays    – 4pm-4.30pm Junior primary (3-8yrs)
– 4.30pm-5.15pm Upper primary (8-14yrs)
*Thursdays – 4pm-4.45pm Mixed primary
Casual class – $12
Term – $100 for 10wk term ($10/wk)

Please fill in our contact form below if you have any queries or contact Amy on 0421 500 855.

Namaste xx