Mighty May 2016

Over half way throughout the month and so many amazing things have been happening.
A few records have been set in these past 20days.

* EWA had a whopping 57 attendants at our group classes during 1 week out of the last 3!!
* 4 Personal Training Clients joined the 100kg club and were able to lift beyond their dreams. Well done crew.
* We have set up a group for the South Australian Stadium Stomp. If you’re keen to join in, let us know. Also if you would like a shirt.
* One client lost 29cm overall over the last 6weeks.
* Winter is upon us though 6am classes are buzzing which is a great sign. Summer bodies are built in winter and what better time of day to train, than when your mind least expects it.

Some very exciting things to come people. Almost at our anniversary date for being in full time business for 12months.
Celebrations and prizes to be won – watch this space.

Christmas 2015

Ahhh the festivities are all around and it’s so wonderful to see the smiles on everyone’s faces.
Also an important thing to think about is your festive intakes. We all tend to eat too much and have a few too many drinks; this Christmas party, this BBQ, it’s a very sociable time which can make healthy eating and living seem impossible. I can assure you it’s easier than you think.

You can still have some festive drinks, just try to add a drink of water in between to help maintain hydration and also keep the alcohol moving through the body. Dancing is the  best way to burn alcohol as well as your body tends to use it as the first fuel source.
‘Dancin the night away’. Just try not to over do it. The liver and kidneys will thank you.

Food. Food. More Food. Guys it’s very easy to overindulge, and these foods are sooooo good. Only eat until you are full and then have a drink of water. Food choices – there are amazing meats and salads and even sneaky desserts that are actually really low in sugar, full of protein, mono-unsaturated fats (these are the good ones – like avocado) and flavour. Grab the homemade spinach or hommus dip (light philli is a good option) and some carrots for the healthier alternative to cakes, cheeses, choccies and lollies.

Continue to train throughout this time. It keeps you feeling good, more relaxed and able to get through the busy season. You may need to tweak some training times but hey, a tweak here and there is always worth the shake up.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Safe and Happy New Year, Ho Ho Ho.


I truly love my job – now an Accredited Rehab Trainer

Someone once said to me ‘if you’re in the right job, you’d do it for free’. I definitely love my job and would do it for free – if we didn’t have four little mouths to feed; so I know I have made the right decision. Yay! Though it’s not just a job for me. It’s my passion. I truly love having a client feel and see their results, meet their goals, be more relaxed, improve their diet, boost their motivation and be able to smile.

I have just returned from Melbourne this week where I became a fully Accredited Rehab Trainer. This enables me to assist clients and group fitness participants with correcting techniques and muscles instabilities through using muscle release techniques and activation drills. This helps them to get the most out of their workout by being able to use their muscles to the fullest capacity. It is amazing.
Day 1, we focused on the Lower limbs (glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and hip flexors).
Day 2 , we focused on the Upper limbs (arms, shoulders, upper back and neck).
Day 3, this was totally amazing for me (having previously experienced severe back pain requiring surgery), we focused on the entire spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar).

So if you feel even the slightest niggle throughout the body during a session or even throughout your day, and you’re unsure what is causing it, it’s worth an ask about muscle release techniques. In a room full of Personal Trainers and Physiotherpists, we found many of us needed to work on areas we didn’t even realise were over tense/hypertonic on ourselves.

Keep feelin’ the energy guys xo

Goal Time!!!

It is so important to set goals. Without goals, we have no direction, no great motivation, what are we striving for?

A goal can be as simple as:
– Wanting to go for a nice walk each week for the next month.
– Feeling better.
It can be more specific such as:
– Running in a 10km race.
– Competing in a bodybuilding competition.
– Participating in your local social footy match.
– Fitting into those favourite jeans which have been a bit too tight over the last few months.

Today is the perfect time to be setting your goals. Why wait?

Spring is also on our doorstep people, the warmer days help boost motivation so once that goal is on the fridge, look at it daily and make it happen. You can do it, I believe in you 🙂

Hello world!

Energise With Amy – the online aspect of my Personal Training business is now up and running. Hooray!

I am so excited to be expanding my business and horizons, having given away my regular ‘day job’ and now spending my days motivating and encouraging others in achieving their health and fitness goals.

A big leap though I definitely know it has been the right decision for me…………and hopefully YOU! 🙂