Personal Training

My passion is helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals and discovering their physical and mental strengths. This is such a strong goal of mine, I’m studying Clinical Exercise Physiology to enhance the services I currently provide. 

I love getting people out and about and off their couch. The more we sit, the more we are decreasing out life expectancy and ability to move.

‘Movement is a celebration of what the body can do – embrace this and prolong your life’.

Through being a personal trainer over the past 9years, I have encountered many varieties of health and fitness goals, eating disorders (comfort and binge eating, plus anorexia nervosa and bulimia), a wide variety of injuries and biomechanical discrepancies, plus the entire spectrum of ages (3-85years). Each person is an individual and their individual requirements are catered for.

I have a strong focus on Functional Mobility and am a fully Accredited Rehab Trainer which enables me to assist in pain management and trigger point muscle release techniques.

I cater for sports specific goals, weight loss, muscle building, strength and power, relaxation and body awareness with yoga, Kids Yoga, foam rolling, plus high intensity training using both bodyweight (Metafit) and metabolic resistance training (Metapwr).
My sessions are never the same! I love to shake things up and keep client’s bodies guessing (even if they have sports specific goals – there are variations available).

Dietary Recommendations.
Yes I provide dietary recommendations and nutritional advice to clients based on the Australian Healthy Eating guidelines – again depending on the individual’s goals.
I am not a Dietitian though can provide Nutritional Coaching and meal guides.